Kate Reynolds

Kate is a North-West based Creative Producer with a passion for artistically ambitious projects which bring communities together and reach new audiences. She has a strong proven track record in theatre, participatory arts, site-specific projects and work in the public realm.

Kate works with artists, audiences and participants including young people, adults and community members to develop unique and engaging cross art-form projects, with a focus on work which takes place in non-traditional theatre spaces – bringing communities together and encouraging people to reclaim and reconnect with their public spaces.

Her extensive experience of relationship management, scheduling, logistics, budget management, impact measurement and evaluation, fundraising, communications and press, tour booking and financial negotiation has been invaluable to the development of Mr. Wilsons projects and collaborations.

Current and previous clients include: Walk the PlankCommon Wealth TheatreNational TrustManchester International FestivalRoyal Exchange TheatreChorlton Arts FestivalHorse + Bamboo TheatreThingumajig TheatreCanopy ProductionsPercussive Customer Projects and Original Theatre Company.

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Kate Reynolds