Mitch Oldham


Mitch is a drummer, percussionist and educator. He has been hitting, scraping, tapping and banging things for most of his life and is a well known studio musician and band-leader.

Mitch has performed as part of UK, European and World tours with aritsts including Gerry and the Pacemakers, Billie Jo Spears, PJ Proby, Lyn Anderson, Wayne Fontana, Chip Hawkes, The Platters, Sandy Kelly, Lena Martell, George Hamilton IV and V, Stella Parton, Seven Little Sisters, Skyclad as well as working with a number of current original artists such as Manchester’s ‘Little Sparrow’.

He runs his own carnival band ‘Battuta’ and a community based Brazilian Samba group ‘Hand Made Samba’, who both regularly gigging at evetns around the UK. He is also a member of International Function band ‘The Feds’ and the Swiss-based band ‘Soupabads’ who performed in-residence on consecutive years at the world famous Montreal Jazz Festival.

In 2012, Mitch was selected as only one of five UK percussionists to work with the world renowned french street arts company ‘Les Commandos Percu’ for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. This experience was a real inspiration for Mitch, opening up many new avenues and enabling him to realise more in his skills as a performer and creative practitioner.

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