Aid Todd

Drummer with Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners.

Aid is a percussionist and DJ, working as a touring musician and community bandleader. He has played and toured as a drummer from an early age, initially influenced by both the primal energy of traditional Kodo drumming and the virtuosity of rock.

During the 90s, Aid was active in the North West thriving rave scene. The multiplicity of this music would go on to define his musical style and process. As a DJ, he experimented with programming technology and the dynamics of hip hop, funk soul, jazz, and Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban beats. During this period, he made several releases with the breakbeat trio, Mango Trasher, and worked as a DJ all over the world. He was resident at the infamous Art Lab in Preston and at Acid Rock at Manchester’s Phoenix.

After attending and assisting in workshops with samba reggae master and originator of Batala, Giba Gonçalves, Aid started his branch of Batala in Lancaster, joining a global movement. 

Then based on the North West coast, he played kit for Sonic Tradition, a seven-piece band set up by award-winning sound artist Dan Fox, and worked with Lawrence Woof in the Control Freaks and the Cuban Fiddle Crisis. 

As a regular session musician, arranger and producer, Aid has worked with James Atkin of EMF fame and with Bentley Rhythm Ace, Limehouse Lizzy and Miranda Arieh with Choque Hosein.

Aid is currently musical director for Drum Machine, a 35-piece live drum outfit that play contemporary, urban drum music on traditional samba instruments. Their set list is heavily influenced by Aid’s obsession with techno, house, breakbeat, and drum & bass.

He is also working on a new project, You Dig, a 10-piece industrial, techno funk band.

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